The Team

Trina Hart - Editor

The BBC newsroom at Pebble Mill in Birmingham was my introduction to working in the media. It was a fast-paced and exciting place to be, and had me hooked from the get-go.

Starting my own publishing and marketing business put me at the forefront of magazine publishing, film production and media output mainly in the well-being market covering CAM and natural health, environmental issues and latterly I made the move to media around the world of politics, philanthropic organisations and well-being retreats. My most recent work has been involved with film research, interviewing for film, magazine and press articles and online radio. 

I founded Talk Media over 20 years ago, originally as a platform for magazine publishing, and subsequently expanded the offering to include a range of consultancy packages for clients requiring strategic and effective  marketing, publishing, PR and creative services.

I offer a comprehensive service for everything from a simple monthly newsletter, through to copy-writing for websites, marketing material, messaging and content for social media output, and press releases.

Trevor Hart - Print Production & Online Marketing

I have worked in press and print production since leaving school back in the 80's. Initially for advertising agencies in London, when you learnt typography as a craft and hot metal was the only printing method. No room to typos in those days! When leaving London, I went on to work for a small design studio in Buckinghamshire which published art books for David Messum and a selection of top art galleries in Central London.


When the internet made its debut in the late 80s, I jumped on the band wagon and learn't how to build websites from scratch. This new method of delivering news and content transformed the publishing industry and I was at the forefront of this technology. Pre Youtube and e-commerce, I was streaming video for buying horses, offering PDF book downloads, sending business magazines worldwide and building large email marketing databases for online sales.

Today, I manage our own online businesses and offer a wealth of expertise to companies and individuals that need my support and expertise in maintaining and developing their concepts and ideas.