Website Management

If your website is lacking organic traffic and your online advertising spend has gone through the roof, and yielding no results, it may be time to consider an overhaul of your online marketing and social media strategy. Small changes to your keywords and pages can gain you significant organic traffic that won't cost you a fortune in advertising every month, and will yield long term results.

Content is key

Adding regular updates to your website, including company news, new product launch or new keyword rich pages, will increase your organic traffic. The internet is a highly competitive marketplace and staying ahead of the competition takes time and a little bit of knowhow.

About us and how we can help you?

Both Trevor and Trina started their careers in publishing prior to the digital age, when there was not such thing as the internet. We downloaded and uploaded data to printers using a 56k modem, which we ran overnight to send 1mb files. So we both witnessed the birth of the internet and embrassed it with open arms. Trevor learnt coding and building websites from scratch using basic html and asp scripts. He specialised in search optimation when the majority of traffic derived from high rankings on the search engines. Unless you pay for your rankings this is still the best way to generate free traffic.

Our own portfolio of online media businesses

Over the years, we have developed and built up our online businesses which continue to strive within their own market sectors:

  • The Local Art Scene
    The Local Art Scene was launched in 2016 as an online portal to assist new and emerging artists with their online promotions. We also organise open air pop up art events in and around the New Forest
  • Yachtseek
    Yachtseek was launched in 2010 to promote the sale of new yachts and boats
  • Migrant Job Search
    Migrant Job Search was launched in 2019 to match skilled migrants to global employers